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This island is a paradise for those who love the outdoors, with waters that are designated as a marine park where you will see dolphins and seals.

Its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters make it ideal for diving, and its lush landscapes will allow for some enjoyable treks.


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This island seems to have all the things adventure seekers need, including beautiful beaches, sea caves, shipwrecks and mountains.

This is the reason why it is frequented by those who love snorkeling, scuba diving, trekking and rock-climbing. There is also an 11th-century cliff-side monastery.


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Part of the Dodecanese group of islands, this place is regarded as the youngest volcanic island in the country known for nature tourism.


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This place is almost a cliché for most Greek islands, with beautiful and colorful whitewashed houses and cobblestoned streets lying on steep cliffs.

Remote and rugged, this volcanic island has some secluded beaches and fascinating sunsets, which is why it should be a great place for a peaceful getaway.


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Dramatically rugged, this volcanic island is known for having many beautiful beaches, stunning rock formations, ancient iron mines and catacombs.

Generally, the beaches here have clear turquoise waters and are surrounded by beautifully rugged mountain landscapes, which are great if you love exploring outdoors.


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This tiny oasis, which is located in the southern part of Corfu, is the smallest of the Ionian Islands, though it still has shorelines that are equally beautiful to those of the others.


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This bohemian paradise, which stretches 4 miles long, is a popular summer destination even among celebrities since the 1960s, with fancy hotels, yachts and boutiques that make for a luxurious holiday.

Despite its being modern, this place retains its refreshing 19th-century vibe, still having horse-drawn carriages running through its streets.


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Located close to Crete, this Greek island that is only accessible by boat. One of the top attractions here is the site, believed to be the cave of the goddess Calypso.

As there is no qccommodation, the real experience would be seaside camping.


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While this island is little known to foreigners, this is a favorite escape for Athenians, with neo-classical architecture and well-preserved heritage buildings


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This island is distinguished for its excellent beaches and lush greenery.

Tourism is alive here, especially in the beautiful seaside towns of Pythagorion, Kokkari, Heraion and Karlovassi. It offers organized, secluded and naturist beaches with crystal-clear waters that are great for swimming and other activities.