If you are looking for untouched beauty, in Greece you can find numerous gorgeous islands overlooked by tourists.

These undiscovered hideaways offer picturesque harbors, authentic villages and traditional Greek cuisine
The wonderful island of Kastellorizo is located 110km east of Rhodes and has a unique architecture and colorful houses.
The island offers a wealth of marine life to discover in its clear blue seas.


Chios is a unique gem in the the Aegean Sea. It is best known for its production of mastic, an aromatic resin that comes from trees that grow in the Mastihohoria region.


This is one of the most romantic islands in Greece, Hydra overlooks the Argosaronic gulf and has some amazing, traditional stone mansions, narrow picturesque streets and secluded squares.


Karpathos is part of the Dodecanese complex and lies east of Crete.

It is a mountainous island full of fresh water springs, vineyards and pine-tree forests.


This island is one of the five blue zones in the world, meaning the people here live longer. It has a beautiful forest, with hidden lakes, waterfalls, ancient monasteries and small traditional villages for you to explore.


Symi is a picturesque island with amazing architecture, cafes, restaurants and a slow pace of life, ideal for a lazy holiday.


This gorgeous island in the Cyclades is a museum island, with its beautiful squares and neoclassical houses.


Alonnisos is a true island gem, offering gorgeous landscapes, olive groves and pine forests perfect for leisurely walks.


With rich historic heritage, whitewashed villages and sun-drenched beaches, this island is ideal for memorable summer holidays.


The volcanic island Milos has a variety of gorgeous landscapes and colors.

One of the oldest mines in the Mediterranean is located on the island and there is a multitude of thermal springs and spectacular caves.


This is an undiscovered island gem on the southern edge of the Cyclades near Santorini.

Its untouched beaches and the unadulterated style of its architecture captivate sun-seeking visitors.


Sifnos is the island of flavors, with numerous mouth-watering local specialties such as chick pea balls, mastelo and honey pie for you to try.


Patmos boasts a lace-like coastline, sheer cliffs and volcanic soil, making it a haven for nature lovers.


One of the Ionian’s most idyllic islands, Paxos, offers underwater caves and green hills for a peaceful holiday in Greece.