Town of Hydra Island

The town of Hydrais built on a sheltered bay surrounded by rocky mountains.

The only way to approach the island is by boat and the only way to tour the small town is on foot, or the traditional Greek ransportation, the donkeys.

Loutro Village, Crete Island

Loutro is a small, picturesque, seaside resort on the south coast of Chania, west of Sfakia and east of Agia Roumeli in the island of Crete.

It is a place where cars are not able to reach, simply because there are no roads. It is a small village with a few residents that is only accessible by boat.

Chrissi Islet

Chryssi is one of the 81 uninhabited islands of Crete and it is located 8 nautical miles south of Ierapetra. The locals call it “Gaidouronisi” which means donkey island.

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos Island

The famous Shipwreck beach is located in Zakynthos (Zante), one of the seven main islands of the Ionian Sea.

The beach is only accessible by boat. The shipwreck is a boat named “Panagiotis,” which sank in 1982 in the island’s northwest coast.

Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxos Island

The magnificent beach of Voutoumi in Antipaxos is one of the island’s two beaches and can only be approached by boat. It is very exotic, with white pebbles.

Furthermore, Lakka, a beach in Paxos, is the island’s second largest resort and it is located on its northern side. It is a popular harbor for tourists visiting Paxos by boat.

Kefalos Beach, Kea Island

Finally, Kefalos Beach is a small beach located in Kea (Tzia), just off the coast of Lavrio, near Athens. There are no cars in the area due to the rough road.