1000s protesting in Athens against Macedonia deal

Thousands of Greeks are protesting in Athens, Greece, in opposition to their government’s proposed deal with the FYROM on a name settlement.

10 famous Celebrities making their way to Greek Islands for Summer 2018

Summer is here, and you can always count on spotting famous celebrities around the beautiful Greek Islands- especially in Mykonos...

Ancient Greek City on Sale for $7.5 Million

A proper archaeological dig has never been performed at Bargylia, so it is unknown what treasures lie underneath the earth’s surface.

Beers & Raki: Video Praising Crete’s Summer goes Viral

A satirical version of Michael Jackson’s mega-hit Beat It released to highlight the beauty of the island of Crete has taken Greek social media by storm.

Travel + Leisure: Egremni Beach in Greece has the Most Beautiful Blue Waters on...

According to the popular travel magazine, Travel + Leisure, Greece's Egremni Beach tops the list ranking the top 12 most breathtaking Blue waters!

Heatwave with 38°C sweeps across Greece

Winds down and temperatures up to 38°C, will be the characteristics of the weather expected in the next 2 days in some Greek Islands and places in Greece.

New Plane will Fly from Europe to USA in 3 hours

New York to Europe in less than half the time!

Mini Heat-wave with up to 40° Celsius to strike Greece and the Greek Islands,...

Prolonged high temperatures that will reach up to 37 and in some regions up to 40 degrees Celsius in the shade are expected in the next days in Greece.

96% of Greece’s Sea Waters have Excellent Quality

Greece's bathing waters are among the cleanest in Europe according to the European Environment Agency that tracks water quality.

First Summer Heatwave to hit Greece this Week

Beaches around Greece this weekend are packed with temperatures reaching 36 degrees Celsius (92.4 Fahrenheit) and expected to rise the next days!

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