Chain Supermarket donates 500,000 euro in groceries to families affected by floods in Greece

Greek supermarket giant AB Basilopoulos has announced it will dontate 500,000 euro in groceries to the families that have been left homeless!

Weather Warning: Tropical Cyclone will strike Greece, Torrential rainfall and floods in the next...

Greece is in for a 2-3 day period of intense rainfall and rare weather phenomena. Combined totals over the period in western and southern Greece!

Turkey Offers Help to Flood-hit Greece

Turkey is ready to help Greece following deadly floods in Athens, according to a Turkish foreign ministry statement released early Thursday.

Greece mourns its Wounds a Day after Flooding Disaster

At least 15 people died, six are missing and 23 are injured following the disaster caused by extensive flooding in western Attica on Wednesday.

At least 9 people die in flash floods in Athens, Greece Live video streaming...

At least 8 people died on Wednesday after a sudden downpour overnight in Athens flooded roads and trapped residents in their homes and cars.

Cyclone/Hurricane might hit Greece this Week

Medicane / tropical storm in Mediterranean? Yes, a tropical like cyclone (TLC) increasingly likely to develop in thew Ionian Sea later this week - see details..

How to Drink Ouzo Like a Greek

Those who share this particular flavor, come closer, speak more easily. Ouzo is the drink of companion and confession. It'sThe spirit of Greece!

One Dead as Heavy Storms Hits Corfu Island

One person died and extensive damage was caused by the heavy storms that hit parts of north-western Greece (Corfu & Epirus) on Saturday.

Qatar Airways to launch Flights to Greece

Qatar Airways will launch flights to Greece next year. The award-winning airline will operate four weekly flights to the Greek city of Thessaloniki...

The Oldest Coffee Shop in Greece (232 Years)

232 Years Old and Counting. The oldest Coffee Shop in Greece (photos, video)

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