Homemade Greek Souvlaki Gyros recipe

Gyros Souvlaki is maybe most popular and delicious street food in Greece !

Why Is The Greek Flag Blue And White?

The Greek flag is more than just an official state flag. Let's find out the meaning behind the beautiful colours and the desing of the Greek flag!

2.000 Year Old Greek Marbles Returned to Greece

The nearly 2,000-year-old stolen ancient artifact marble will be returned to Athens and the National Archeological Museum of Greece!

Greek breakfast: The perfect way to start your say!

The high nutritional value and the quality of the products, along with their tradition and experiential character, makes Greek breakfast very special.

Cape Sounio – The temple of Poseidon

On the southern edge of Attica, where the attic sky meets the Aegean Sea, lies the magnificent cape of Sounio, ready to take your breath away.

What’s the weather in Greece in October?

Are you travelling to Greece and to Greek Islands in October and want to know what the weather will be like? Check out here our detaild weather guide!

Why GREECE is called Ellada in Greek?

In other languages is called as Grecia in italian and Greece in English, so why this country is called Ellada in Greek? Where does this name comes from?

The amazing August (super) Full Moon over Greece

Sky-gazers in Greece will enjoy a double astronomical treat on Monday as the August full moon will be followed by a partial lunar eclipse!

Lost Ancient Temple was found in Greece

A Swiss-led team of archaeologists in Greece has made a spectacular find: the ancient temple of Artemis, a famous open-air sanctuary of antiquity.

10 Amazing Swimming Pools In Greece

The beach and sea are great but if you're looking for absolute relaxation and amazing views, the best swimming pools in Greece are waiting for you!

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