Famous Chapel in Greece Bans all foreign Weddings following British couple lewd Wedding photo

Rhodes' famous St Pauls Chapel has reportedly banned foreigners from getting married, after a photo of a British couple simulating a Sex act!

Oil spill off coast of GREECE ‘environmental disaster’

The Greek Island of Salamina is suffering from an “ecological disaster” after a tanker carrying more than 2,000 tons of crude oil sunk off the coast.

Greece mourns its Wounds a Day after Flooding Disaster

At least 15 people died, six are missing and 23 are injured following the disaster caused by extensive flooding in western Attica on Wednesday.

Greek Girls plant Greek flag in Top of the World

Two brave Greek girls that are mountain climbers have the crazy idea to plant the Greek flag on top of the highest mountain peak in the world.

Simon Reeve: “I could happily live in Greece”

Greece has hit the headlines recently but that hasn't deterred seasoned adventurer Simon Reeve, who's made it the focus of his new BBC2 series!

Athos – The holy Mountain of Greece

Athos is a mountainous ridge peninsula in northern Greece (Halkidiki). It is a World Heritage Site, officially named as ‘Monastic State of Holy Mountain’!

Top 10 magical Beaches In Greece

Part of the best Greece has to offer are her beaches which are so magical and pristine. Come with us to discover the best beaches in our lovely country!

The Most Beautiful Unknown Beach In Greece

This secret “hidden” beach will simply amaze you. Its name is the “Beach of Saint Stefan” and it is located in the island of Crete!

NASA’s Greek Girl, “Eleni Antoniadou”

Eleni is Co-Founder of “Transplants Without Donors” and Researcher at NASA

Plaka: An island in the heart of Athens!

Let's go for a walk in Plaka, the oldest neighborhood of Athens.

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