This very Special Christmas Tree in Athens, Greece, feeds Thousands of people

A different kind of Christmas tree was erected in Athens this year. Made up of various donated food products to be handed out to those in need.

The Tallest Christmas tree in Greece

The beautiful town of Trikala is very popular in winter and especially at Christmas time, so it’s no wonder it boasts the tallest Christmas tree in Greece!

Gyros survives crucial European Parliament vote

Greek Kebab and Gyros narrowly escaped the "death sentence" in European Parliament earlier on Wednesday. MEPs were called to vote!

What is it like to live in Greece?

Locals define the Greek concept of philoxenia, which directly translates as ‘love of strangers’, as a warmth that makes foreigners feel welcomed.

Christmas in Athens 55 Years Ago

In December 1960, Athens was clean, shiny and wore its Christmas lights. Two photographers captured the Christmas spirit in brilliant artistic colors.

Top 6 Things to do in Athens at Christmas

You can easily get into the Christmas days spirit in Athens City in Greece by following these simple 6 tips and suggestions of magic!

Torrential rains floods in Paxos, Corfu & Epirus

Torrential rains hit the islands in the Ionian Sea and large parts of Epirus region in Greece as a bad weather front is sweeping though the country!

Will Europe dare to ban Greek Gyros and Kebab?

Will the European Union authorities dare to ban Greek Kebab and Gyros for food safety reasons? Is that the Europe we all want?

Woman rescued from her flooded Car as Heavy Storms Hits Corfu island (Kerkyra)

A woman rescued from her flooded Car and extensive damage was caused by the heavy storms hit Corfu island (Kerkyra)...

World’s most Beautiful Street located in Greece

The Island of Lesvos is making headlines again, but this time it's in appreciation of the island's beauty, namely down one particular street.

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