Greek Island bans 10,000 boozy British

A famous resort in Greece that featured in the Inbetweeners Movie has banned 10,000 British holidaymakers in a bid to stop rowdy behaviour by tourists.

The Mysterious Wild Cat of Greece

Crete has no dangerous animals. However, over time there have been rumours of a Cretan Lynx living in isolated areas of the White Mountains!

A magical Village in Greece without electricity

What if I tell you there is a small village in Crete without any electricity trail and listed it as one of the top 50 magical places to see in Europe?

Four (4) Airports in Greece among Europe’s Worst

Four regional Greek Islands airports are among the worst in Europe, according to what travelers voted through the Sleeping in Airports website!

10 Celebrities you didn’t Know were Greek descent

There are many celebrities who have Americanized their names, but they can never ... See the top 10 hollywood celebrities who are of Greek descent!

These is no place Like GREECE (video+photos)

This video is a compilation of 10 amazing places & Islands that anyone who is thinking of going to Greece on their holidays this year should visit.

Will Smith and his family clean up beaches on Antipaxos Island in Greece ~...

Hollywood star Will Smith, his wife Jada and his daughter Willow cleaned up three beaches on Antipaxos Islet (south of Corfu) in Greece!

Greece’s Navy ranks top of the World

Greece’s merchant fleet has been ranked first place in the World in terms of cargo carrying capacity and in the top five ship owners globally!

How to Say “Hello” (Yassou) in Greek

Something as learning how to say hello in Greek may have a positive effect on the way you are treated. Use these tips to learn how to greet people in Greek.

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