Sting Announces 2018 Concerts in Acropolis, Athens

Veteran rocker Sting will take his music to the historic Odeon of Herodes Atticus, know to Greeks as the Irodion, at the base of Acropolis in Athens.

Sun still Shines in Greece in December

Snow hit all over Europe, creating chaotic conditions for transport while temperatures in most areas of Greece have been mild and pleasant!

Crete, Zakynthos and Kerkyra (Corfu), are the Best performing Greek Islands for 2017

Crete and the Ionian Islands, with favourites including Zakynthos, Kerkyra and Paxi are Greece’s winning destinations when it comes to tourism!

Christmas Tree Lights Up in Athens

The Christmas season officially kicked off in Athens on Tuesday after city mayor Giorgos Kaminis lit up the Christmas tree in Syntagma square!

Kourambiedes – the Greek Christmas Cookies

Kourambiedes along with Melomakarona are the most popular Christmas holiday treats. Every home has a platter (homemade) of these cookies...

How friendly is Greece to foreigners?

Expat Insider index ranks 65 countries!

Summer Temperatures in Greece to Rise by 3 Degrees Celsius average in the Future

Summer temperatures in Greece will rise by 3 degrees Celsius in the future, failing to reach the annual goals of the Paris Conference.

Weather warning: Strong rain and thunderstorms and very strong winds up to 9+B in...

Weather forecast Nov 30- Dec 3: Bad weather front coming from North-West is sweeping across Greece. See which areas are affected.

Christmas spirit shines bright in Greece

Trikala in Thessaly has earned its title as winter destination in Greece as it offers spectacular nature, boutique hotels and endless outdoor activities!

Bad Weather warning for Greece with strong Rainfalls, Winds up to 9B and Snowfalls

Greece's National Meteorology Service has issued a bad Weather warning for the coming days. See which regions and Islands will be affected.

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