Corfu Airport

The gorgeous island of Corfu has an airport that leaves a lot to be desired. Last year it was listed as one of the 10 strange in Europe, along with another 3 Greek Airports.

It is located only 3 kilometers from the picturesque Corfu Town.

Rhodes Airport

Rhodes is another of th3 4 breathtaking airports of Greece. The main reason being under-staffing, long queues for just about anything and hygiene issues in its facilities.

The Airport (ICAO: LGRP) is located on the West side of the island of Rhodes.

Santorini Thira Airport

Yet another airport that was part of the notorious list, known for lack of cleanliness, flawed security checks and lack of chairs.

Paros Airport

The runway for airplanes in Paros Airport points straight into the sea. It’s one fast way to go for a dive if the pilot is not skilled and careful.

The airport was located in the southwestern part of the island. It was replaced by the New Paros Airport on the 25th July 2016.

Kalamata Airport

Kalamata airport is tiny and you can see the end of the runway is a square of really small size leading directly into the main building of the airport.

Samos Airport

Samos Airport has a notoriety for crashed happening in its airport of small planes. The airport is known for having one of the most dangerous approaches for airplanes.

Crete Heraklion Airport

Heraklion is the last airport in the list of 4 horrible Greek Airports.

Mainly due to the bad state of the airport with damaged facilities, long queues and not being able to spend the night in the airport if you have to wait for your flight.

Kalymnos Airport

It is known as one of the most dangerous Greek airports to land in due to the runway’s location being at a high altitude and being thin.

The airport is located a few kilometers from Pothaia, the capital of Kalymnos.

Kastelorizo Airport

The same goes for Kastelorizo which has a very small runway requiring great precision to land safely. The Airport first began operations in 1986.

Skiathos Airport

Skiathos Airport is known as the Saint Martin Airport of Greece due to the planes flying too close to the local streets before reaching the airports. This happens because the airport is close to living areas.

Because of the uneven terrain on the island, the Airport was created by reclaiming land from the sea between Skiathos and the smaller island of Lazareta.