10 Foods that help Greeks Live longer

Read here for a list of simple ingrediants that make up our list of 10 magical Foods and fruits that help Greeks people live longer….

Athens in Top 10 dream Cities for 2018

The top travel search engine had recently published a list of the most trending destinations this year. Athens was ranked 8th in the list!

Epiphany 2018 (the Blessing of the Waters) – A Greek Celebration Rich in Tradition (Photos & Video)

Epiphany, also Theofania, is celebrated on January 6 and is a day of brightness, as Christians celebrate the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

Aliki Vougiouklaki – Greece’s ‘National Star’

Aliki Vougiouklaki is Greece’s all-time favourite actress and many argue no other performer has come close to being as popular & loved by Greeks.

Mykonos Airport in Greece is Getting a Big Update

Here's why you'll want to book a flight.

Maria Menounos’ Surprise Wedding in Times Square, New York City (Video) in USA

Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Greek-American Maria Menounos married her longtime love Keven Undergaro on live TV in Times Square.

Drop everything and Buy a $383 Round-trip Flight to Italy, Greece or the Greek Islands

Celebrate a new year of travel by booking a cheap direct flight to Italy or Greece this winter. Flights are on sale starting at $383 round-trip!

Greek Language is among Hardest the Languages for an English Speaker to Learn

Maybe not the most difficult in the world to learn, but according to various studies, Greek is among the hardest languages for an English-speaking person.

Wizz Air plane struck by lightning while Flying on its Way to Greece (Kavala airport)

Panic in the Sky: Wizz Air plane was stuck by a lightning in its way Greece!

New Year’s Eve under the Acropolis of Athens

Dazzling fireworks lit the Sky above ancient Acropolis signalling the first day of the New Year, as Athens residents celebrated New Year's Eve.

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