A 112-year-old Greek Grandmother, is now the Oldest Woman in the World

The title of the Oldest woman in the World will now be given to Ekaterini Karnarou from Krestena in the Peloponnese, who is 112 years of age!

Why Greek Olive Oil is the Best in World

Regarded as the best in the world, almost 90% of Greek olive oil production is certified as extra virgin with Crete leading the way.

Top 10 Reasons Why we Love Greece

Love Greece
Everybody loves magical Greece. But why? Here are 10 perfect reasons why we do and why traveling to Greece is always such a great pleasure!

Greece Beaches ranked Best in the World for 2018

It comes as no surprise that 3 of Greek beaches are ranked Europe’s best for this year, according to TripAdvisor released 2018 Travelers Awards!

Happy Name Day, George! Here are a few Things you may not Know about your Name

George or Georgios (Γιώργος) is the most popular Greek male name, and the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Saint George on April 23rd.

300 Weddings Cancelled in the Famous Chapel in Rhodes after Lewd Picture the British couple

About 300 scheduled weddings at the Chapel of St. Paul in Rhodes have been canceled after the publicity generated over a lewd picture of newlyweds.

Sahara Dust turns Greece into Mars

Sahara dust and mist have covered the Greek island of Crete, leading to cancellation of many flights. “We have turned into London!” write local media!

Serifos named Best Mediterranean Island for 2018

Financial Times presented its list of the 10 most beautiful hideaways in the Mediterranean and named Serifos as the number one destination for 2018.

Athens Airport Voted Best in South Europe

The International Airport of Athens (Spata) in Greece, has handled the recent rise in passenger numbers well, with high levels of traveler satisfaction.

AEGEAN named ‘Europe’s Best Airline’ for 2018

Leading Greek airway carrier AEGEAN was named “Europe’s Best Regional Airline’ in the 2018 Traveler’s Choice Awards for Airlines, by TripAdvisor.

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