10 Celebrities you didn’t Know were Greek descent

There are many celebrities who have Americanized their names, but they can never ... See the top 10 hollywood celebrities who are of Greek descent!

Top 5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece

Spain is the largest producer of olive oil, followed by Italy and after Greece. However, per capita consumption is highest in Greece, followed by Spain...

Top 10 Greek Foods That Are Super Healthy

The Greek Cuisine is one of the most historically richest around the world, with its origins dating back several millennia. However, over time, the cuisine...

Top 10 Tips to Live Like a Local in Greece

Greece is on the list of the World's top Travel destinations. In order to have the ultimate Greek experience, read our list and live like a local!

Top 10 Amazing Restaurants in Greece

The best of the best. 10 restaurants in Greece & in Greek Islands to please even the pickiest of visitors. From traditional shacks to michelin-stared restaurants.

October 28, 1940 New York Times: Metaxas asks Greeks “Fight to Your Death” for the Freedom of Greece

This is how The New York Times covered the Italian ultimatum to Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas on the early morning of October 28, 1940!

What is Oxi Day in Greece’s History?

Oxi Day is a national public holiday and commemorated on the 28th October every year in Greece. Find out what's on in Greece on Oxi Day.

This is ‘Jimmy the Greek’ from Nafplio (Greece) who built a Restaurant Empire in Canada

(Jimmy the Greek) Mr. Antonopoulos, the person who build a Greek Restaurant chain in Canada has been featured in an InsideToronto.com story!

Daedalus Storm caused many damages in Greece

Storm "Daedalus" hits Greece with extreme weather phenomena, which occurred during the night in many Greek Cities and Greek Islands!

This Woman pays only £46 for flight to a GREECE –– And she Gets the ENTIRE PLANE to herself

A BRITISH woman paid £46 for a flight to Crete and got all 189 seats to herself!

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