Weather warning: Strong rainfalls, Thunderstorms & Stormy winds up to 9B all over Greece

Greek National Meteorological Service has issued a weather forecast warning of strong rainfalls, thunderstorms and stormy winds up to 8-9 Beaufort!

Top 10 World’s Sexiest Greek Men

The World'd Sexiest Greek Men includes well-known Greek singers, actors, models and famous TV stars. We present to you the most hot Greek men!

Top 10 Monuments of Greece

UNESCO advises travellers to Greece and to Greek Island to visit these 10 monuments that are an absolute must as World Heritage Monuments!

Top 5 dream Cruises to the Greek Islands

Planning a dream cruise to the Greek Islands? Now's the time. Prices are low, and there are plenty of fantastic ships to make the trip memorable!

This is Awful: Judge sets free driver who dragged his dog behind his truck over several kilometers

Why do we have animal protection laws when one can walk free after having tabled an unbelievable story? A video showing a small truck dragging a dog...

New Colossus of Rhodes to be built in Greece

More than 2,000 years after the original Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was destroyed in an earthquake, ...

Top 10 Paradise Beaches In Greece

When your mind wanders through the breathtaking sunny beaches, hot sand and refreshing sea waves, you must be thinking of Greece.

Mykonos Turns Back on Famous Petros the Pelican

The stuffed body of the famous pelican (Petros) of Mykonos Island is lying dusty and neglected in a storage room at the local Folklore Museum!

Over 3000 Wildfires took places in Greece in 2017

Greece’s fires burnt 23,500 hectares of forest this so-called "fire season", that is between May - September 2017. Alone on Zakynthos more than 80 fires!

Greece Ranks among the World’s Best Countries

Here's how Greece stacks up against the rest of the world.

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