Oia Hotels, Santorini

Oia, SantoriniOia being one of the most touristic and beautiful parts of the island makes it only natural that its hotels are incredible.

Perched on the edge of Santorini Island’s cliffs with their infinity pools with their amazing views, they offer the perfect Greek Island experience.

Akrotiri Lighthouse

Akrotiri, SantoriniAkrotiri is the lighthouse on the edge of the island, a favourite spot for couples. It is considered one of the best and most beautiful lighthouses in Cyclades.

Attuned to the rest of the island, it is an admirable building with whitewashed walls standing on the edge of a high cliff right above the sea.

Andromeda Villas

Andromeda, SantoriniAnother luxurious resort offering amazing views of the Aegean Sea, the small islands in front of Santorini and of the island itself, on top of a gorgeous balcony.

Fira Trail

For those who enjoy walking and exploring, the Fira Trail, is a hiking trails along the edge of the island thatis very popular.

You get to see mind-blowing landscapes on the way and it’s even possible to go through it on top of a donkey!

Amoudi Bay

Amoudi bay is a small port that is very idyllic with crystal clear waters.

Although it’s a port with small boats, it’s possible to dive and swim there and there are some great places to have a drink and enjoy the view.

Santorini Hot Springs

Due to past volcanic activity, there’s a hot spring area in the island. It’s not only great to see but also to enjoy getting inside the hot waters and relaxing.

Perissa Beach

Perissa beach is one of the lesser known but the most beautiful beaches of Santorini island but also one of the biggest. It is known for the black Sand.

Red Beach

Then on the other hand there’s the Red Beach which is known for its red sand and the red hill behind it. The waters in the area is very clear and beautiful.

As you gradually get down to the beach you will be impressed by the different colorings of the cliffs. Snorkeling is highly recommended due to the interesting rocks.

Katikies Resort

As if there’re stars inside the pool, it’s possible to relax and enjoy some mind-blowing sunsets. Katikies is the best resort in the island thanks to the amazing views.


Oia, the traditional town of Santorini with the whitewashed buildings and windmills is the most memorable and representative part of the island.

The beauty of Oia is unsurpassed. In fact, it is almost impossible to describe in words. It’s the best place in the world to watch the sunset from.