Galifos – Folegandros

First on the list is the best beach in Folegandros which is a highly underrated island. The beach is very beautiful and the island is great for honeymooners.

Gardenos – Corfu Island

The good thing about lesser known beaches is that you can avoid the bustle of touristic places and enjoy tranquility. The beach offers that under straw umbrellas!

Egremni – Lefkada

Overshadowed by the amazing Porto Katsiki beach which is one of the best in the world, Egremni which is on the same island doesn’t even get half the praise.

Seychelles – Ikaria

Now this beach really feels like a secret with how you have to go through a stone arch.

It feels as if you’ve discovered a Greek treasure in the form of a gorgeous beach.

Agiokampos – Evia

There are pebbles in the sand but the water is crystal clear in Agiokampos beach which locals savor every year!

The beach of Agiocampos is next to the port – long, narrow and pebbly. No matter the ferries, the water is very clean.

Aspri Limni – Crete

A beach within a lake that is not really a lake. Perfect! Aspri Limni means white lake in Greek and is the name of a gorgeous beach.

Spathi Beach – Kea

Kea is a tiny island and as such doesn’t get enough attention, but perhaps that’s for the best as its beaches have remained unspoiled through the years.

This beach occupies an important place in history as well, since it used to be one of the main locations on Kea during the ancient times.

Karavostasi – Thesprotias

We’re getting to the part of the list where the beaches are so beautiful they are popular among natives and the lucky foreigners who might have heard about them.

Voutoumi – Antipaxos

Voutoumi is a paradise beach in the shape of an inlet, with pristine waters and very soft sand. The beach located in Antipaxos islet on the Ionian Sea.

Petani Beach – Kefalonia

The very best beach that only locals appreciate enough is Petani Beach in Kefalonia. The island is amazing and this beach is proof of that.

However, because it’s on the same island as Myrtos Beach, it’s often overlooked. Our advice is to see and experience both because they’re all marvelous!